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Integrity Racing provides timing, scoring, and event management services for athletic events using RFID disposable + electronic chip timing throughout all of Pennsylvania, Long Island, NY and southern Florida, BUT is not restricted to only these locations. We currently provide for the entire East Coast region for those needing our services, but are willing to expand anywhere! We serve as a finish line (and more!) for events small and large, no matter what the type. Contact us today for all of your race needs!

Customer service is our number one priority, as we strive to meet the goals and expectations of our customers and the running community. We greatly focus on providing a pleasant experience prior, during, and after an event to both runners and race directors in all ways. Navigate our website to see what we can do for you!


* Professional and electronically advanced Chip-Timing and Scoring

*Event Management Services

*Disposable Timing Chips for EVERY participant!

* Mass Email Blasts & Race Promotion to 41,000+ unique, individual emails

* We have OPTIONS! (barricades, music sound system + microphone, megaphones, etc.!)

* FREE ONLINE REGISTRATION set-up for your event + promotion of your event on our Event Calendar, Integrity Racing Facebook with nearly 4K followers, and integrity.racing Instagram!

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In 2017 we officially transitioned to Integrity Racing. We are a family-owned and operated business. Year after year we continue to grow and support our community’s local events, as well as throughout all of Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. We have also recently progressed into Naples, Florida this past year! We are looking forward to the oncoming months of new and annual races!

Our company started out as PaRunners in 2009, later known as Integrity Sports. Jeff Miville, owner and President of the company, was once an avid runner who aspired to be part of the running community in a different way. One race after the other over the weekends was his chance to get involved with the familiar faces at each event. How could he make a difference? What could he do to get people in the community more actively involved by means of running and walking? What changes could he bring to the runners back in ‘09? Back then, about 10 years ago, electronic chip timing (with disposable bibs at that) did not exist in our area. We were used to being handed a popsicle stick with a number on it, to then stand in line in the order you finished. Bibs then were a hand-written label with your information and times were calculated using a stop-watch. Now this wasn’t true for every single event, but for the most part that’s what was to be expected. That’s when he knew there could be something more efficient for everybody and a time for great change in the racing world... at least in Central Pennsylvania.

It didn’t take long before thoughts became a reality and PaRunners was established. If anyone knew us back when we started, remember these big blue mats we used? Our very first attempt at electronic chip timing! We are proud to say that our company was the first to bring electronic chip timing to the area! This worked well for us for a few years, but as time went on and technology improved, we moved onto the RFID timing system to keep up with the current electronics. We still utilize RFID technology today, but just like the changing times, our gear and method of race timing wil keep improving... always providing the latest and most advanced equipment to our customers.

Integrity Racing is here to provide timing and scoring services for ALL and any type of athletic event. We provide electronic chip timing using the latest in chip technology. Our systems will help you to run your event more efficiently.  Our rates are competitive and our service is second to none. We strive to earn your business. We hope to blend with local race events and provide superior timing and scoring. We promote local business. We also promote good health and fitness. Get fit, stay fit!
Please contact us for a quote for your event.  You may be surprised at how efficient we can be to help you!
Please check out our Events Calendar for all of the events we will be timing and scoring in the upcoming year!



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